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Running the best Retirement Home in Penang. Find out more about our services.


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Welcome to Ocean Care

Newly Built Retirement Home

We are proud to announce to Penangites that this will be our second retirement home// nursing home. The location and the residential property are really amazing and we hope more visitors will take a look at our beautiful nursing home. At Ocean Care Retirement home, the ambiance of a retirement home is a prestige. It is definitely not an old folks home. Let’s be honest, no one likes to STAY in an Old Folks Home. At Ocean Care, you will NEVER FEEL UNWANTED and you NEVER FEEL LIKE STAYING IN AN OLD FOLKS HOME

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About Us

Ocean Care retirement home is not just any other nursing home. We care and pride for the best nursing care in Penang. Our nursing home is located at Taman Bukit Dumbar, Penang

General Info

A nursing home is a place for people who don’t need to be in a hospital but can’t be cared for at home. Most nursing homes have nursing aides and skilled nurses on hand 24 hours a day. At Ocean Care we strive quality care. We accept young , adult and senior citizen who needs nursing care at the comofort of our home.



Professional Services

Oceanc Care homes provides accommodation and personal care for people who need extra support in their daily lives. We provide laundry, accomodation, meals, medication reminder care, wound dressings and even warmth comfort.

Our exertise

  1. Dimentia & Alzheimer’s Care
  2. Palliative Care
  3. REspite & Holiday Care
  4. Emergency Home Care
  5. Post- Operative & Convalescent Care
  6. After- Stroke Care

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Visiting Hours

Visiting Hours are
10am till 7pm

How to Visit Us

Oceancare Nursing Home
26 Taman Bukit Dumbar
11700 Gelugor


We have the following facilites in our nursing home

  1. Mutimedia TV for our residents
  2. Air conditioned
  3. Exercise Machine
  4. Washing Machine
  5. Air Purifier to kee p the resident healthy
  6. WiFi to surf Internet
  7. Shared or dedicated rooms
  8. Gardens for light weight exercises
  9. CCTV camera to monitor visitors and residents
  10. Dedicated Nurses and helpers
  11. Security Alarm to keep the place safe


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