Ocean Retirement Home is not a medical treatment facilty. Resident suffering from acute problem will be treated at the nearby Specialist Hospital or other hospital.

Ocean Retirement Home admits three types of resident. Those who are staying for a long term, those who plan on staying for a short term while such as for rehabilitation purpose. Or if their primary caregivers are temporarily unable to provide care, and daycare resident, who require day care but do not wish stay overnight.

Those interested in becoming residents have to undergo a medical examination to ensure they are not suffering from easily transmittable diseases such as tuberculosis and other acute medical condition that requires hospital management.

While meals are served four times a day, resident can also head to cafeteria on a special occasion or go to the nearby shops accompanied by staff.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing individualized, exceptional, and compassionate healthcare for the residents in our Ocean Retirement Home.
The Ocean Retirement Home will strive to accomplish the Mission by committing to:

Fully meeting the needs of each resident. We will strive for advancement in the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of their lives.

Use the best nursing care, physical , nutrition, exercise, as well as recreational to enhance the lives of our residents.

Our Vision

Our Vision is grounded by the following:

Providing high-quality, personalized care in a warm and friendly environment.
We recognize that our Home is more than just a business.Our Nursing Home will strive to accomplish our Vision by committing to:

Knowing the needs and preferences of each resident. Fostering an environment of loving compassionate care.

Our Guiding Core Values

Building friendly relationships with each resident and their families is a high priority. We focus on these core values as our guide:

Quality – Enhancing the quality of life through excellent services

Honesty – Dealing with our clients, employees, and families in an open and forthright manner

Professionalism – Serving in a professional manner

Love – Serving as a loving extension of gods hands

Respect – Providing an environment where all are valued

Thankfulness – Serving gratefully