Ocean Retirement Home.Professional care with affordable price by(SRN) (SR) Nurse. Your own home like feel and care,rest assured that your loved ones are in Good hand.Dedicated to give best nursing care service.

Our services include :

24 Hours Nursing Care services
Physiotherapy for daily exercise
Visiting Doctor/Once a month
Stroke Rehabilitation
Brain Injury Rehabilitation
Spinal Rehabilitation
Amputee Rehabilitation
General Rehabilitation
Palliative care
Bed Ridden Care ( coma patient )
Post Operation Care (Hip Fractures )
Wound care management ( pressure ulcers or bedsore care )
Diabetic management and Diabetic Wound Care
Tracheostomy care

@Skin and Wound Management

Basic Care Dressings and Bandages.
Pressure Ulcer (Bedsore)
Diabetic Wound
Traumatic Wound (Motor Vehicle Accident)
Prevention Pressure Ulcers & Pressure relieve management
Pressure relief positioning


Basic Care Dressings and Bandages.
Pressure Ulcer (Bedsore) dressing
Diabetic Wound
NG Tube Feeding Insertion & Changing
Gastrostomy Site (PEG) Management
Urinary Catheter Insertion & Changing (Male & Female)
Care and dressing of suprapubic tubes (SPC)
Tracheostomy Care & Management
Stoma Management – Colostomy or Ileostomy Care
Assistance with bowel elimination – Enema or manual evacuation.
Simple and complex bandaging. (stump amputation)
Stump Amputation Care & management

@Others services

Transport to dialysis center
Transport for Hospital appointment